About Us


We Are Changing Air Purification Everywhere

Our products and technology have the unique ability to remove airborne pathogens, allergens, and chemical dangers more completely, safely, and cost effectively than any other method.

Solutions for Improving Many Indoor Environments

Pristine Air Technologies is bringing to market the technology you see here. Our HomeSafe Air™ personal room clean air system will be available in major retailers across America. Our MedSafe Air™, SpaSafe Air™ and other commercial clean air systems are available for trial. Contact us to learn more. Whether your need is in a hospital, clean room, hotel, or house, we have the solution for making your air safe, clean and healthy.

Our Company Purpose

Contribute to make a healthier, happier world.

Our Vision

Clean air, water, and food for everyone. Healthy indoor environments for living and working.


Our Mission

Radically improve indoor living and working environments.

Provide controlled, safe indoor environments, free from contamination
Contribute to healthy living globally
Remove airborne pathogens where people live and work
Increase product quality in all industries
Enable manufacturing efficiency and productivity

Company Values

We believe how we play the game is just as important as winning. These core values drive us each day:

honesty • integrity • innovation • trust • candidness • rigid flexibility
teamwork • determination • open mindedness • creativity • people focused • FUN

Passionate About Our Clients

We focus on Value to our clients and on the people they serve and support.
We deliver outstanding results for both standard and custom-tailored to designs for each and every one of our clients — big or small.