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HomeSafe Air™ Protects You and Your Family

Whether you have allergies, asthma, or other respiratory challenges, you’re covered.  If you just want to breathe the healthiest air indoors, HomeSafe Air™ is right for you.  Now you can protect your precious family of all ages from hazardous pollution, pathogen infected micro-organisms, and common airborne irritants.

Stop Airborne Pathogens & Toxins

Pathogens such as bacteria and virus infected microorganisms become airborne and spread throughout the home or office. 

Patent pending technology uses the electrical nature of all life to remove airborne contaminants better than mechanical systems. Testing of the technology by an independent EPA / FDA test lab showed more than 99.999994% bacteria were killed – including listeria monocytogenes, bacillus thuringensis, staphylococcus aureus, and E-coli. Microbes are dead almost instantly.

Testing also shows that HomeSafe Air™ technology causes virus infected microorganisms to literally disintegrate themselves when touching the positive collector.”

Unlike HEPA filtration systems or single unit ionizer-collector systems, HomeSafe Air™ cleans the air without moving the air. 

Power, Protection, Value

How is HomeSafe™ different?

  • Patent pending Ionization means NO Ozone, Electromagnetic or Radio Frequency Interference
  • 2-part design cleans entire room unlike others
  • Creates good, Negative ions unlike most ionizers
  • Low cost to run, uses low power
  • No replacement filters needed
  • No UV lamp (ineffective & eye dangers)
  • Small, lightweight units can be easily placed where convenient or best suited to clean
How it performs

  • Collects particles ranged 1000 to .001 micron
  • Kills bacteria, viruses, and mold spores on contact
  • Removes all organic odors
  • Captures mercury vapor & elemental metals
  • Breaks down volatile organic compounds (VOC)
  • No ozone created
  • No harmful EMI / RFI generated
  • Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 160
  • Lower cost to buy and use than competitors

Unique 2 Part System

Ion Generator

  • Fills the room instantly with Negatively charged Ions
  • Invigorating feeling – like being near a waterfall or after a rain storm
  • No sparks and NO skin irritating Ozone
  • No Electromagnetic or Radio Frequency Interference
  • Gives all particles floating in the air a negative charge
Positive Charge Collector

  • Place across the room, at a distance from the Ion Generator
  • Silently collects airborne particles
  • Virus infected micro-organisms are destroyed on contact
  • Kills bacteria, mold, and spores