Hotel & Resort

SpaSafe Air™ uses the same technology we designed to protect critical patients in hospitals and surgical centers.  Resort operators can help prevent the spread of infectious diseases and the common airborne irritants that are found with the stream of people, pets, food, luggage, and workers that flow through crowded hotels, motels and resorts.

Today more people across America are diagnosed with allergies and intolerance to common allergens as well as chemical odors, perfumes, mold, or cigarette smoke. There is also growing awareness of the danger and respiratory irritation caused by ultra-fine particulate from diesel exhaust and automobile exhaust that we find adjacent to freeways and busy streets.

Eliminate airborne irritants

  • dust and pollen
  • skin cells, hair, dander
  • ultra-fine particles from vehicle exhaust and stationary diesel generators
  • mold from restrooms and in-room air conditioners
  • cleaning product chemical vapors
  • “air freshener” artificial scents

Stop Flu, Bacteria and MRSA – Airborne Pathogens such as bacteria and virus infected microorganisms become airborne naturally with people traffic in guest rooms, hallways, dining areas, and meeting rooms.  

The SpaSafe Air™ system is designed into an attractive canopy that mounts over a bed and includes elegant overhead lighting.  It quietly and continually works to remove airborne contaminants

Your guests want clean, healthy air.  Help your guests breathe better and sleep better.