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Protection from Pathogens & Airborne Dangers

Stop MRSA – Airborne Pathogens such as bacteria and virus infected microorganisms become airborne naturally and through activity in hospital rooms, recovery, operating rooms, hallways, and public spaces.  Our Purification system can nearly instantly remove harmful mercury vapor and amalgam particles from the air.

Unrivaled Effectiveness

Patent pending technology uses the electrical nature of all life to remove airborne contaminants better than mechanical systems. Testing of the technology by an independent EPA / FDA test lab showed more than 99.999994% bacteria were killed – including listeria monocytogenes, bacillus thuringensis, staphylococcus aureus, and E-coli. Microbes are dead almost instantly.

Testing also shows that this technology causes virus infected microorganisms to literally disintegrate themselves when touching the positive collector.”

Power, Protection, Value

  • Collects particles ranging in size from 1000 to .001 micron
  • Reduces communicability of virus infected microorganisms
  • Kills bacteria and mold spores on contact
  • Removes all organic odors
  • Breaks down volatile organic compounds (VOC)
  • Captures mercury vapor & elemental metals
  • No ozone created
  • No harmful EMI / RFI generated
  • Quiet, continuous operation
  • Lower cost to buy and use than alternative systems


Can Be Installed With Any Ceiling

Drop ceilings | Vaulted ceilings | Smooth ceilings | Open beam / exposed utilities

Drop Ceiling

Drop ceiling – standard 2’ x 2’ or 2’ x 4’ spacing as well as Non-standard tile sizes