Advanced Clean Air Technology

The unique, patent pending technologies provided by Pristine Air are more effective and lower cost to own and operate than other approaches to air purification.

How Does It Work?

The Power of Attraction

We use the power of electrical attraction to influence the things we don’t want to breathe and pull everything, from the big particles you can see, to the microscopic dangers you can’t see.


Two Are Better Than One

Our patent pending system has two uniquely separate pieces.  Together, these components allow our system to effectively treat all the air in your indoor space, without fans or  mechanical or membrane filters.

Ion Generator

Negative Electrical Charge

Silently floods an indoor space with negative ions.  Molecules of air, gas, and the floating dust, bacteria, mold, and metal ions get negatively charged.

Negatively charged ion generator


Positive Electrical Charge

A separate Collector positively electrically charged and it quietly draws airborne contaminants to it with air flow suction and electrical attraction.

positively charged collector

How Effective Is It?

Our system is more effective than alternative methods.  Mechanical filtration systems, including expensive HEPA and ULPA, are limited by the size of particles they can capture.  Many air purification systems acknowledge that they are limited to collecting particles size 0.3 microns or larger.   This means they are missing many of the most dangerous contaminants.

See how our technology compares with other options and what they’re missing.   Which air do you want to breathe?

airborne particle contamination effectiveness range